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Fail-Safe Investing

Life-Long Financial Safety in 60 Minutes
by Harry Browne

Fail Safe InvestingIf you're wondering whether your investment portfolio is going to retain its value in these uncertain times or whether your retirement savings are safe, there are ways to assure that you won't be hurt - whatever may come.

For over 30 years Harry Browne has shown investors how to protect their assets from turbulent markets. Even during periods when inflation and recession have buffeted the economy, people have made money following his advice.

Harry Browne's portfolio approach has been adopted by wealthy and middle-class investors alike, by sophisticated speculators and by people who just want to be sure their savings are absolutely safe.

This short book can be read in one to two hours. It tells you everything you need to know to seting up your own investing - including sources for obtaining the investments. Within one day you can have a safe portfolio that you'll never have to tinker with again.

It's call a Permanent Portfolio, because once you set it up, you don't have to continually reevaluate it, alter it, or even think about it. And it doesn't matter whether next year brings prosperity, inflation, recession, or even a depression; you'll know you're safe - no matter what.

Over the past 33 years the portfolio has had only three losing years, and the worst of those (in 1981) brought a loss of only 6%. The average yearly return was 10%. Click here to see the portfolio's performance.

No matter how much or little you know about investing, this book will tell you what you need to know. Written in Harry Browne's patented easy-to-follow style, sprinkled with his good humor, and with every detail covered, you'll never need another investment book after this one.

Rule #1: Build Your Wealth upon Your Career
Rule #3: Understand the Difference between Investing & Speculating


"Everything Browne writes merits the closest attention, and in this, his self-proclaimed last book on investing, he here presents a sort of summa of the common-sense wisdom he has garnered from thirty years of watching the rise and fall of markets - and he does so with his customary directness, clarity, and humility. He remains in a class by himself, and many of us will always be in his debt for the uncommon ideas he has expressed so ably. And above all for his own example - for the standard he has set."

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