Why Government Doesn't Work
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Harry Browne / Why Government Doesn't Work


Foreward to 2003 Edition


1 The Breakdown of Government

Part I - Why Government Doesn't Work

2 What Is Government?
3 Oops! Why Government Programs Always Go Astray
4 Why Government Grows & Grows & Grows
5 If You Were King (The Dictator Syndrome)
6 How Did We Get in this Mess?
7 Government Doesn't Work
8 Once the Land of the Free
9 How Freedom Was Lost
10 How Much Freedom Is Left?
11 Your Innocence Is No Protection
12 On the Road to a Better World

Part II - Solving Today's Social & Political Problems

13 Fixing America's Problems
14 Why Freedom Brings Prosperity
15 How Your Life Is Regulated
16 Health Care - The Problem
17 Health Care - The Solution
18 Improving Education
19 The Welfare Mess
20 Fighting Crime or Playing Games?
21 A Weak National Defense
22 An Effective National Defense
23 Do We Really Want Government to Determine Family Values?
24 How to Fix Social Security Once and for All
25 A Freedom Budget
26 Neither of the Two Old Parties Will Save Us
27 What the President Can Do


28 A Message of Hope


A. Acknowledgments
B. Further Exploration
C. The Author
D. A Message from Pamela Browne

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