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2000+ Libertarian Quotes

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This collection of over two thousand pithy libertarian quotations and comments concerning liberty, government, and politics were personally selected by Harry Browne to help you sell libertarian ideas to others. Surprisingly, none of the quotes are by Harry Browne! But there are quotes from conversations that he had with friends, emails from associates, letters from admirers, and listeners to his radio shows; as well as lesser known sources of particular interest to Harry such as: operettas, television shows, speeches, movies, etc. And, of course, there are quotes by famous philosophers, politicians, scholars, and other writers. The quotations in this book sorted by topics with their sources included, and are meant to challenge, inspire, and motivate you. Harry believed that if you're well-armed and benevolent in your approach, quotations can help you in your conversations with friends and family, in speeches, in letters to editors ~ anywhere to open minds to embrace liberty. This book will definitely help you become a more persuasive salesman of liberty!


  • Introduction
  • Part I: Abortion - Drug War
  • Part II: Economic Systems - Gun Control
  • Part III: Hatred - Puritanism
  • Part IV: Racism - Yugoslavia
  • About the Author


We have depended on government for so much for so long that we as people have become less vigilant of our liberties. As long as the government provides largesse for the majority, the special interest lobbyists will succeed in continuing the redistribution of welfare programs that occupies most of Congress's legislative time.
    Ron Paul, Congressman (R - Texas)
    Speech in the House of Representatives
    September 17, 1997

One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that the evils in this world are to be cured by legislation.
    Thomas B. Reed, speech (1886)
    Cited in Infopedia's Merriam Webster Dictionary of Quotations.

Very few of those who maintain that it is sweet to die for one's country have ever done it.
    Saturday Evening Post editorial, 1941
    Quoted by Bill Kauffman, Liberty, January 1997, page 23.

All that is necessary for the triumph of waste and destruction is for good men and women to attempt to do good through the power and authority of government.
    Michael Cloud
    Email to Harry Browne, December 4, 2003.

Does the mere existence of evil somewhere in the world justify preemptive war at the expense of the American people?
    Ron Paul, Congressman (R - Texas)
    "The Crime of Conscription" November 26, 2003



"I downloaded your excellent book and read it, and found it to be very sensible and well-written... Thank you, Harry, for writing an excellent book that will remind me to keep a cool head and not get carried away with high-risk schemes when things seem to be going well."

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