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Freedom Speeches, Volume 1

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Harry Browne was an inspirational speaker who was passionate about the cause of freedom, individual liberty, and much smaller government. Having run for President in 1996 and 2000 as the Libertarian Party's nominee, having written 15 books and published thousands of articles, Browne was well-equipped to present the case for individual liberty over a wide range of issues — health care, education, the environment, Social Security, foreign policy, the Drug War, the income tax, immigration, and much more. His stance in all areas: people acting on their own achieve all that we value, while government works against our interests to further the interests of politicians. And whatever the issue, he presented insights you weren’t likely to have heard from other speakers or writers.

Freedom Speeches, Volume 1 includes seven of Browne's more popular speeches totaling over 5 and a half hours in length. These freedom speeches present a unique view of human nature, morality, and government. They will inspire you and amuse you. More importantly, they will encourage you to think about the importance of individual liberty, freedom, and much smaller government.

  1. "I Dreamed They Repealed the 20th Century"
    (Future of Freedom Foundation, October 30, 1994)
    This speech is a humorous look at how a new President reduces the federal budget to $500 billion.
    Introduction by Jacob Hornberger.
    52:02 minutes

  2. "Liberty is America's Destiny"
    (Libertarian National Convention Nomination Acceptance Speech, 1996)
    This speech stresses the economic benefits of the Libertarian program.
    Introduction by David Nolan.
    48:18 minutes

  3. "Two Many Lawyers or Too Many Laws?"
    (Hillsdale College, March 12, 1997)
    This speech explains that attorneys are merely taking advantage of the system created by politicians. And to minimize lawsuits and ambulance-chasing, we need to reduce government to its constitutional size.
    Introduction by Richard Ebeling.
    54:17 minutes

  4. "We Believe in You"
    (Libertarian Party Convention Nomination Acceptance Speech, July 4, 2000)
    This speech explains that Libertarians believe in "you" (the American public), and want you (not George Bush or Al Gore) to be in charge of your life. Special emphasis on the gun laws and the Insane War on Drugs.
    Introduction by David Bergland.
    38:52 minutes

  5. "Why We Must Repeal the Income Tax & Social Security"
    (Detroit Economic Club, Michigan, September 25, 2000)
    This speech explains the five benefits derived from repealing the income tax. The question period also deals with such matters as the environment and why you should vote Libertarian.
    Introduction by Beverly Hall Burns.
    56 minutes

  6. "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World"
    (FreedomFest, May 3, 2002)
    A presentation of Harry Browne's 1973 book, explaining how you can expand your own freedom without changing the world. Question and Answer period.
    Introduction by Mark Skousen.
    52:32 minutes

  7. "The Prospects for Liberty in America"
    (Libertarian National Convention, July 4, 2002)
    This speech explains why Harry Browne remains hopeful, if not optimistic, regarding liberty in America. Also, why human nature is on our side, and what we must do to keep hope alive.
    Introduction by Bill Winter.
    39:35 minutes



"Everything Browne writes merits the closest attention, and in this, his self-proclaimed last book on investing, he here presents a sort of summa of the common-sense wisdom he has garnered from thirty years of watching the rise and fall of markets - and he does so with his customary directness, clarity, and humility. He remains in a class by himself, and many of us will always be in his debt for the uncommon ideas he has expressed so ably. And above all for his own example - for the standard he has set."

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