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Freedom Speeches, Volume 3

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Harry Browne was a successful writer, investment advisor, radio show host, and inspirational speaker who was passionate about many subjects from economics to the cause of freedom. He wrote 19 books that sold more than 2 million copies including ~ How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis, Why Government Doesn’t Work, Fail-Safe Investing, etc.

In 1996 and 2000 he was the nominee of the Libertarian Party for President of the United States. During his presidential campaigns, he made appearances in almost every state, and he appeared on over a thousand radio and television programs. He was also a Director of the Free Market News Network (an enormous Internet site producing news, commentary, radio interviews, and TV shows, all from a free-market perspective) and had a weekly TV show on the network.

Browne was well-equipped to present the case for individual liberty over a wide range of issues — health care, education, the environment, Social Security, foreign policy, the Drug War, the income tax, immigration, and much more. His stance in all areas: people acting on their own achieve all that we value, while government works against our interests to further the interests of politicians. And whatever the issue, he presented insights you weren’t likely to have heard from other speakers or writers.

Freedom Speeches, Volume 3

includes the speech, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, two interviews, and over a dozen commentaries (discussing everything from the insane War on Drugs to Middle East history to morality to constitutional limits) and totals over 4 hours in length. These audio recordings present a unique view of human nature, morality, and government. I hope they will educate and inspire you. More importantly, I hope they will encourage you to think about the importance of individual liberty, freedom, and much smaller government.

  1. Introduction by Richard Maybury and response by Harry Browne: 5:06 minutes
  2. How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World: 52:32 minutes
  3. Bush’s Tap Dance: 57:11 minutes
  4. Jane Silk Show, March 2005: 20:39 minutes
  5. Drug War: 17:32 minutes
  6. What I Believe as a Libertarian: 10:42 minutes
  7. Anarchy vs Limited Government: 12:32 minutes
  8. Why Europeans Oppose the War: 10:14 minutes
  9. Minimum Wage & Sweat Shops: 6:59 minutes
  10. Middle East History: 6:37 minutes
  11. Morality, Consequences, & Conscience: 1:59 minutes
  12. Reform Doesn’t Work: 4:02 minutes
  13. Comments on Insider Trading and Investments: 2:05 minutes
  14. Difference between National Defense & Offense: 1:36 minutes
  15. Why We Need Constitutional Limits: 2:50 minutes
  16. What Libertarians Want: 8:59 minutes



"Everything Browne writes merits the closest attention, and in this, his self-proclaimed last book on investing, he here presents a sort of summa of the common-sense wisdom he has garnered from thirty years of watching the rise and fall of markets - and he does so with his customary directness, clarity, and humility. He remains in a class by himself, and many of us will always be in his debt for the uncommon ideas he has expressed so ably. And above all for his own example - for the standard he has set."

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