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Freedom The American Way

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Your future is in your hands

Freedom The American Way is a compilation of magazine articles, newspaper columns, and educational articles written by Harry Browne. They contain factual and well-reasoned economic, political, and business truths that are written in simple and to the point language that everyone can understand and appreciate. And they appeal to the readers self-interest.

Section one contains eleven American Progress/Freedom magazine articles that endeavor to educate and gain public support for the Liberty Amendment ~ a Constitutional amendment to reduce the size of government by restraining federal powers. Section two contains twenty-nine The American Way newspaper columns that cover a wide range of topics from morality to unemployment to your savings account. And Section three contains thirty-one Your Future Is In Your Hands articles ~ part of a dynamic educational employer/employee program in which Harry presented each week one basic economic truth that could be quickly read and understood by the reader. The articles promoted free enterprise; reduction of government interference in employer/employee relations; and created in employees both the desire to be of greater value, as well as periodically offering specific methods for providing it.

This book is a quick and easy read because it's written in Harry Browne's patented easy-to-follow style. Yet the articles are filled with such wisdom, common sense, and practical suggestions that there is a great deal of "meat" to digest. If you want to reduce the size of government, make the most of your life, and learn ways to increase your value and wages ~ you'll find this book interesting, enjoyable, and thought-provoking. And although written in the 1960s, the articles are as important and worth reading today as the day Harry wrote them forty years ago.

I hope you enjoy the book!

Best wishes,
Pamela Wolfe Browne




  1. How To Fight 35 Battles at Once (July/August, 1962)
  2. Help! They’re Robbing Widows Again! (September/October, 1962)
  3. Who Is Your Enemy? (September/October, 1962)
  4. What are you for? (November/December, 1962)
  5. Our Program For Victory (March/April, 1963)
  6. Does The Liberty Amendment Go Far Enough? (March/April, 1963)
  7. What is the Constitution (May/June, 1963)
  8. The View From The Sidelines (May/June, 1963)
  9. Do You Want ‘Something For Nothing”? (July/August, 1963)
  10. How You Can Be Tax-exempt (January/February, 1964)
  11. Yes, We Can End Government Waste (January/February, 1964)


  1. Red China, Be Seated (August 29, 1962)
  2. How Did We Ever Win World War II? (September 9, 1962)
  3. Isn’t It Time To Try Free Enterprise? (July 30, 1963)
  4. How to Cure Unemployment (October 15, 1963)
  5. Government’s Only Asset Is Force (January 7, 1964)
  6. What Happened To My Savings Account? (January 28, 1964)
  7. How To Make Unions Behave (March 17, 1964)
  8. How To Get America Moving Again (March 31, 1964)
  9. How To Grow A Money Tree (April 14, 1964)
  10. Something Better Than Politics (November 10, 1964)
  11. Is it Hard to Live by Principle? (November 23, 1965)
  12. Meet The Real Santa Claus (December 21, 1965)
  13. What Is Positive Thinking? (January 18, 1966)
  14. Where Things Are Improving (January 25, 1966)
  15. A Way of Life (May 17, 1966)
  16. Acts Have Consequences (May 24, 1966)
  17. Why Not Try Living? (June 7, 1966)
  18. Pay The Price (June 21, 1966)
  19. What Is Morality? (July 26, 1966)
  20. The Sins We Do (August 16, 1966)
  21. Can You Say “I”? (August 30, 1966)
  22. Making The Most of Your Life (October 18, 1966)
  23. “Think I’ll Sell My U.S.G. Stock” (November 1, 1966)
  24. What the Election Results Indicate (November 8, 1966)
  25. How Military History Is Made (December 6, 1966)
  26. A Gift For My Daughter (December 20, 1966)
  27. Understanding Yourself (January 24, 1967)
  28. Take Your Eyes Off The Past (January 31, 1967)
  29. Learning About Politics (February 7, 1967)


  1. 7 Ways To Increase Your Wages
  2. A Money-Making New Year’s Resolution
  3. A Scrap of Paper Worth Hundreds of Dollars To You
  4. Are You Being Exploited?
  5. Are You Getting Enough “Fringe Losses”?
  6. Are You Making Enough Money?
  7. Are You Selfish Enough?
  8. Come To The Friendly Foreign Aid Store
  9. Dollar Bills In The Trash Can
  10. How Much Are You Worth?
  11. How Much Will Others Pay You?
  12. How To Be Wanted
  13. How To Get A “Soft” Job
  14. How To Get Ahead In Life
  15. How To Get Along With Others
  16. How To Get Your Golden Opportunity
  17. How To Keep Your Job
  18. How To Make Your Dreams Come True
  19. How To Raise Your Standard of Living
  20. Is Someone Stealing Part of Your Paycheck?
  21. Is Your Gain Someone Else’s Loss?
  22. Someone’s Looking Over Your Shoulder
  23. Sorry! But Your Pay Is Going To Be Cut
  24. That Gold Mine In Your Head
  25. What Causes Unemployment?
  26. What Happened To Your Take-home Pay?
  27. Where Your Strength Comes From
  28. Why Can’t I Make Ends Meet?
  29. Why Don’t YOU Receive Dividends?
  30. Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving


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"Thanks especially for being willing to write common sense. I fear younger, or even sophisticated readers may reject it because it is simple."

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