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The War Racket - Part 2

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You might say Iím obsessed with war. And youíd be right. Iím obsessed with war because of what war really is. And because of what war is doing to America.

Why the Obsession? Josef Stalin is reputed to have said that a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths only a statistic. But no matter how many people die every single one of them is a tragedy ó a tragedy I will neither ignore nor forget. Iím obsessed with each and every death - because, in fact, each and every death is more than a statistic or a tragedy. Itís murder.

I will never forget the people whose lives have been irrevocably destroyed - the people who have been murdered, the people who lost those they love, the people whose homes have been smashed to bits, the people who are maimed for the rest of the only lives they will ever live. And neither will I ever forget who it is that killed them. They were killed by a relatively small group in Washington who believe they were put there by God to remake the world - not remake it in Godís image, but in Their own.

I believe it is a crime to take the life of another person. And no murder of an innocent person can be justified by saying it was necessary to achieve some larger goal - whether or not that goal is claimed to be a worthy one. When reformers create murder and mayhem, they justify it by saying, "You canít make an omelet without breaking a few eggs." But itís always someone elseís eggs that get broken. And the omelet never materializes - even after millions of eggs are broken, as they were during the two World Wars.

Yes, Iím obsessed with war. Iím obsessed with war because Iím obsessed with life. I love life. I love my wife Pamela. I love being in love with her. I love the 19 years weíve been playing house together - pretending weíre grown-ups, just like our parents. I love music. I love food. I love reading. I love sports. I even love sleeping. I taste and love so many parts of life.

I donít ever want to die. And I donít want anyone else to die ó except maybe those who treat life so trivially that they can speak of the sacrifice of other peopleís lives as being a worthwhile price to pay for some idealistic goal they believe they will achieve ó a goal that will give them an exalted position in the history books.

Reformers are like children playing games based on fantasies. They see no reason to discover whether others before them have harbored the same ambitions - and failed miserably to achieve their goals. Itís of no concern to them that without an understanding of the history and cultures of other peoples, they have no hope either to persuade or to dominate other people. And they pay no attention to the fact that in the process of "ending tyranny in our world" they are imposing a new tyranny in their own country - our country.

Yes, Iím obsessed with war. Iím obsessed with war because I love life. And so I will continue to fight against Americaís wars with every bit of strength, with every bit of talent, with every resource I can spare.

The War Racket concentrates on the deceptions politicians use to get us into war. Every war produces its share of deceptions. They come in four categories: prewar lies, rosy promises, propaganda, and myths. After reading The War Racket (Part I & II) you will:

  1. Know why politicians are so eager to get Americans into wars,
  2. Be better equipped to spot the lies politicians tell in non-war areas, and
  3. Know what must be done to rule out the possibility of future politicians luring Americans into war through deception.

The Manuscript

When Harry Browne died on March 1, 2006, he was writing The War Racket. He completed Part I: World War I. However, he passed on before he finished Part II: The Perpetual War. Although The War Racket, Part II is incomplete, a couple of chapters are complete and there are extensive notes for the remaining chapters. Also included in the eBook are a number of appendices (i.e. The Myths of War, Selling War, The Recurring Lies, Power, and Miscellaneous Notes) that Harry planned to integrate into Part II. In addition, there are 72 war articles at the end of the eBook that Harry wrote between the years of 1999 to 2005.



"Everything Browne writes merits the closest attention, and in this, his self-proclaimed last book on investing, he here presents a sort of summa of the common-sense wisdom he has garnered from thirty years of watching the rise and fall of markets - and he does so with his customary directness, clarity, and humility. He remains in a class by himself, and many of us will always be in his debt for the uncommon ideas he has expressed so ably. And above all for his own example - for the standard he has set."

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